6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Okay, okay, okay - I realize that I've created quite a few pieces with scissors but I LOVE them and customers seem to agree.  (There are a few more planned as part of other drawings.)  As an art teacher I am surrounded with art and craft making tools and there never ceases to be unusual scissors in my classroom.  In our remote, rural community we have experienced an influx of students from across the globe thanks to a pork processing plant in need of workers.  My classroom is now home to teenagers from Ethiopia, Sudan, Burma, Guatemala, Korea - just to name a few.  With these new populations come some unusual tools including a variety of different scissors I've never seen before.

Of course, the scissors I drew on this page are pretty mainstream for scissors found in Oklahoma.  Like so many of my pieces, I sought to age and wear them in my drawing.  I like celebrating items with some history and some signs of use or possible neglect.  I think of it as giving my subjects a little character.


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