12" x 18" Acrylic Paintings on Gallery Wrap Canvas

When my first grandchild was born I created a series of paintings for his nursery.  My daughter and I found some darling bedding with lamb designs so that determined the theme of his room.  (which is funny since my son-in-law is part of a cattle ranching family)

I had almost forgotten these paintings since my grandson is now 5 and has long since outgrown a sheep themed room.  He is much more interested in Mario and Spiderman these days.  I decided I needed to photograph and preserve these little, cartoon paintings since they will probably not be part of the family much longer. 

My niece has just opened a consignment shop for infant and children's clothing.  I encouraged my daughter to take these pieces and try to sell them.  It was after I saw them hanging in the shop today that I realized I'd never mentioned them online.

Here they are....four little sheep enjoying themselves and looking for a new home.


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