Lorie showing off her inventive mask she wired so the eyes have blinking lights

Our school year wraps up in a couple of days and final projects are being completed.  I have been so fortunate to start my day this year with a fabulous group of students in my crafts class.  They have been working on paper mache' masks and sculptures and I am thrilled with the creative outcomes.

It's hard not to have favorites but I have to admit I love the blue, toothy guy.

Students could chose whether they wanted to make -  a decorative mask or a standing sculpture but everything had to start with a paper mache' foundation.  I then taught them to cover their work with plaster and a couple of coats of gesso to hide those pesky strips of newspaper.  Everyone got to go in whatever direction they wanted but I required that they add embellishments and decorations to whatever they built.

I think these girls really did a fabulous job

I am going to miss this special group.  When I first started teaching, I was handed this craft class and told I could do whatever I wanted.  I've developed a class that gets to do all sorts of projects from printmaking to paper making to weaving and folded paper and paper mache' sculptures.  It is generally an upper level course for students who aren't interesting in learning drawing or painting skills.  *sniff* this teacher is sad to see these terrific people go.


What great masks. Makes me want to
get out the newspaper and paste!

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