6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

The Oklahoma City Paseo Arts Festival is one week from today and most of my new work is matted, framed and ready to go.  I've got boxes of work piled high by my front door.  My tent and display panels are already in OKC.  I keep watching the weather and so far it may rain some but the temperatures are forecast to be mild.

I have revisited a number of popular subjects for my summer show circuit and I had to include another hummingbird.  The more I draw these delicate, tiny birds the more I love them.  There is no limit to the color schemes you can use so I get to use the "whole box of crayons" on these guys.


Fern said…
Hi Kristy! Love your work. It inspires me to do more drawing and painting. :) I wondered if you had ever thought of adding a "subscribe by e-mail" type widget on your blog? I would gladly subscribe so I didn't miss any of your posts.

Kind regards,

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