6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I got the bright idea to reproduce a new drawing of past work that has sold.  It's my work so why not redraw it for another customer?  I have prints available of earlier pieces but an original is worth more - right? Well, this idea has proved to be a strain.  I simply don't enjoy redrawing something the same way I did it before.  I much prefer exploring new subjects, color schemes and compositions.  But I did try on this one.

This stack of vintage suitcases has been a popular print on my Etsy shop and the original sold last Spring.  I've long regretted that I cropped the original so small and that the colors in the original scan were so yellow.  I thought it could do with a make-over.  I had to change it up some but I did start with the same subjects.

I still love the happy little stack and the color choices of the first drawing but I think there are some new things to enjoy with its sister.  No matter how I try I see happy faces on the right side of the suitcases created by the handles and clasps.

Monet painted the same French hay stacks over and over again and look where it got him.


And I am very happy with the original. Alex

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