I'm enjoying some vacation time in Southern California. While browsing Pinterest this morning and enjoying my morning coffee, I discovered the drawing on the left.  I think it looks very similar to my drawing on the right. I created my bee drawing about a year and a half ago. I certainly am not the first person to create drawings on book pages but I do create original drawings on repurposed book pages.

After following the source I learned that this drawing was created by a Tennessee art teacher named Katie Strut. She had posted it on her blog as her original drawing along with a variety of creative dictionary drawings by her students. I did a little research and located Katie's Pinterest and other online footprints but never found where she had pinned my Bee drawing. She did have some of my other work saved. 

It is flattering to know others save and use my work but wouldn't it be nice (if actually used) to be credited. I am constantly finding amazing and inspiring art work online and I often get ideas to use in my classroom. However, I believe it is important to credit my source and sometimes even link with the artist for permission. 

I'm not positive Katie reproduced my work but boy, it sure looks familiar. What do you think?


Katie said…
My sincere apologies for not appropriately crediting your art as the source of inspiration of my drawing on my own blog. I first came across your art on Pinterest when I saw your spoon illustration. I thought the concept behind it was just so perfect and yet simple.I immediately tried the concept out with my own students the very next day. It was a successfully engaging assignment that my students thoroughly enjoyed.

I have now added a link to your page from my own posting. I hope that makes up for the insult.
Aggie said…
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