6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I have had this piece in mind for a very long time.  I knew I wanted to create something about breast cancer and I knew I wanted to donate money earned from this artwork to a cancer related organization.  Everything just came together today so I could achieve both goals.

My mother had breast cancer and it ultimately spread and took her life.  My mother in law recently overcame her breast cancer after months of treatment.  I just had my annual mammogram and got my results in the mail today....a good report.

I have donated artwork for auction at our local cancer support fundraiser for a number of years.  This group of active volunteers raise money throughout the year to help with travel expenses and treatment costs for individuals fighting cancer.   We live in a really remote area so cancer patients have to travel hours for chemotherapy and radiation.

Today I found time to start and finish this piece.  I long ago decided to build my cancer themed piece on the word "fight." I also knew I didn't want to create the usual pristine, dainty ribbon but rather wanted to draw a tattered, worn ribbon that looked frayed and battle scarred.  I wanted to express the battle of fighting this insidious disease.

I plan to donate proceeds from the sale of this print and the original artwork directly to my local, cancer support group so that money will help others.  Next week our nation recognizes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our community will come together to give this and other generous gifts for our friends, family and neighbors.  I am very honored to be a part of that effort.


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