6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I have noticed owls just about everywhere - not the birds but rather owls in artwork, jewelry, T-shirt, you name it.  I sold my first owl drawing a long time ago and occasionally get a request for a print.  So I decided it was past time to revisit and redraw an owl.

This fellow features an extreme close up and I love the personality that developed in the drawing.  Sometimes a piece draws itself and without even thinking about it, some kind of mood or emotion appears.  I wasn't in a foul mood (a little pun there) while drawing this bird but he sure turned out intense.  I was also trying to instruct my students on how to create different textures in their drawings so it was beneficial to be working on making modeling (squiggly) marks to create the textures of this fella's feathers.

I am so happy that fall is finally arriving in our community and with it comes cooler temperatures and beautiful fall colors.  This little guy definitely has a bit of fall color in him.


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