11" x 17" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Parchment

It's been awhile since I've been in my studio working on my dictionary page series so this is the first such drawing I've done in  a long time.  A wonderful, childhood friend of mine commissioned this piece last spring.  He loves to call mean people trolls and he asked that I create an original troll drawing on that particular dictionary page.

I have been a fan of fairy tales since I was a child so I am quite familiar with folklore about trolls.  I know that they are unsavory characters that like to live in caves and under bridges and that they prey on unsuspecting travelers.  My troll has some unusual characteristics like nipple rings (which is a nod to my friend's sense of humor) and a bedraggled vulture as his sidekick.  I wanted him to have some props, too, so that's why I added the alligator skeleton.

One of my favorite parts of the drawing is the Troll's different eyes which I repeated in the vulture.  I've seen this device used in lots of cartoons and illustrations and have always wanted to play with it.

My troll is packaged and ready to travel to his new home in Oklahoma City.  I hope he entertains a lot of folks and makes my friend happy.


Unknown said…
great drawing

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