61/2" x 10" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

A few months ago I received a commission via my website for a baby gift.  The child's name was going to be Althea and the family wanted a dictionary page in her honor.  So I set about trying to locate that name in one of my many stacks of dictionaries.  I finally tracked down the name in an old book and discovered that it was a botanical name for Hollyhock.

While emailing back and forth with the customer I learned that the child's mother preferred violet rather than little girl pinks.  So I completed the drawing about two months ago and have been waiting for the child arrive so I could include the birth date.

Althea made her entrance this past week and when I was notified I added that date to the page.  I thought this was a very sweet commission from a very thoughtful grandmother.  I pray for a sweet life ahead for the little one named in my work.


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