Each November I start a lengthy ink drawing unit with my students.  While they work, I work along on my own piece.  Over the past nine years I have reproduced my ink drawings as customized bookplates for friends, family and co-workers.  As the years have gone by, my drawings have become more and more elaborate and more and more personal.  I have also started drawing in ink using only stippling - which is zillions of tiny dots.

My composition

My subject for this year's bookplate are seed packets, burlap and lace.  I have had two beautiful granddaughters born this past year so I'm creating five seed packets that feature the flowers of the month for the birth dates of each of my five grandchildren.  I want to challenge myself to create burlap and lace which I think will be difficult and interesting.  Both burlap and lace are tremendously popular these days for brides, decorating and crafts.

A Black & White Photo Resource

I've gathered some of my subject matter together and taken a photo for resources.  This is just my starting point.  I intend to develop custom seed packets that have a vintage look.  I also want to add little seedlings in the flower pots.  I think I am going to make the gloves look used and pretty worn.

I'm excited to get started on drawing #10.  

I love that new art project feeling!


Unknown said…
Good project.

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