Centennial Collages Reappear

Oklahoma Sports Themed Dimensional Collage
4' x 8' torn paper over Styrofoam letters on a plywood Board

Years ago the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Hideaway Pizza people joined forces to create a collage competition to celebrate our state's Centennial.  From 2000- 2007 they hosted a yearly contest in different age categories with a state appropriate theme each year.  I entered the competition twice and won the top prize each year.  The finished collages were then owned by the historical society and occasionally toured the state and were displayed at their state office building.  I haven't seen them for years. 

Arts in Oklahoma
Torn Paper Collage on 4' x 8' Plywood Board

My youngest daughter recently ate at a Hideaway Pizza in Oklahoma City and their had hung my two pieces in the restaurant.  She sent me these photographs.  It looks like they have held up well after their tours sometimes setting for days outside in state parks and state offices.

These pieces were created on 4' x 8' plywood.  I used the torn paper collage technique I teach my students and also added dimensional, Styrofoam letters, pieces of quilt, old books, etc.  The first picture was created using a sports theme.  The next picture was to use an arts theme.  I had to apply layers of varnish to protect the surface.

It was sure nice to see these old friends resurface.


Art on my Hands said…
Are you really coming to the Berkshires???? The post was removed so all I saw was the heading. I purchased a few of your pieces by mail prior to the holiday season. I love your work. I can't wait to see your booth this summer.
Kim @ Art on my hands

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