Painting Pattern on my Studio Floor

I am blessed to have a home, art studio.  When we bought our old, fixer-upper the garage had been converted into a beauty shop so I had used that space as an art studio for years.  Unfortunately, the old water pipes never really worked and there was no heat or air so I didn't work in there very often. 

I would have to drag a space heater and fan to my studio as the weather demanded and eventually the space just turned into storage.  As my daughters left the nest, I would set up tables around our big house and live with the clutter in my living room or dining room.  One day I woke up to the fact I lived in an enormous house with five bedrooms and no one occupying much of the space.  So I set about clearing a second story bedroom with perfect, North light and established my studio.  It was just the step I needed to really "seal the deal" and create a working studio.

Now and then I try to improve my little studio with better storage and little touches that make the space more artsy and cozy.  There is a pretty damaged, hardwood floor in the room.  My middle daughter once occupied it as her bedroom so there are paint splatters and scars here and there.  I knew I didn't want to carpet the floor since more paint and such were sure to happen but I needed to improve the floor.

So I plopped down, grabbed a bottle of black paint and started building a carpet of patterns.  I don't know when I'll finish but it's sure fun to take a break from time to time and add another little square.  I occasionally have studio visitors and I think this adds a cool touch.

About a year ago I got the urge to sell our big house and find something newer and smaller.  I visited with a realtor about listing our home and he immediately said we had to repaint rooms and make more neutral changes.  I have freely painted rooms all sorts of vivid colors and even added "creative" touches outside.  I let my daughters design and paint their rooms to suit their moods, too.  Realizing I actually love our old, run down HUGE house I went the other way - I've added more artistic touches like this floor.  I want to live in my house and enjoy it.  The next owner can do what they want but for now - it's my space.


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