This little girl has always dreamed of being a big-time, full-out, Santa Fe artist.  When I was a teenager that dream included living in a teepee, selling my art on what was then a dirt trail down Canyon Road in Santa Fe and as I've grown older I've thought that dream was far from ever being a reality.  (At my age, I also prefer dreams that include indoor plumbing.)

Well, never forget those dreams, my friends.  Over thanksgiving while I was showing my work in Albuquerque, I was approached by a Santa Fe Gallery owner who was interested in representing me in a her brand new gallery.  I couldn't breath!  This past week - it happened.  My husband and I traveled to Santa Fe, met with the wonderful owners of the WOW! Gallery and I officially signed on for them to show and represent me.  It was a terrific experience.

Jessica and Mark are the fabulous folks who own the WOW! Gallery.  They have years of gallery experience and made Michael and I feel right at home.  Jessica is a working artist in Santa Fe and I feel like I've known her all my life.  Mark will be the gallery director and who could resist buying from the handsome, friendly face. 

Visit Jessica's blog at Jessica Wesolek's Personal Blog

Jessica suggested I find more suitable frames for my work that better matched the contemporary style of their new space.  She helped me locate these simple, bamboo frames.  She thought these "green" frames matched my repurposed artwork perfectly - and she was right.

Michael and I finished framing in the hotel room just before we delivered the artwork.  I wanted my work to have as professional a presentation as I could manage even if it meant taping and wiring on our hotel bed.

Speaking of our hotel, Michael booked us a very special night at the historic, Santa Fe Hotel & Hacienda Spa.  It is the only such hotel in the USA owned and run entirely by a Native America tribe.  It was beautiful with our own working fireplace in our room.  We actually stayed in the Hacienda Spa units.  We typically stay with friends or book a room at Motel 6 this was an exceptional treat.

This is a photo of the WOW! Gallery located at Shelby Street in Santa Fe.  It is just one and a half blocks from the old plaza.  It is prime real estate in this artist mecca.  The gallery is small and intimate and is officially set to open next week.  I am anxious to see everything hanging and the logo on the window.

I unpacked and left a dozen of my dictionary drawings.  Jessica and Mark were so supportive and wanted to discuss each piece, it's significance and the process I used to create them.  I was so excited that I probably gave them more background than they were looking for.  I appreciated how much they cared about me and my work.

Our evening ending with an expensive bottle of champagne opened back at the Hacienda Spa by our very own butler, Lubo.  (I told you this place is swanky.)  My husband did an amazing job of helping me prepare, travel to and deliver my artwork.  He made it a very special experience.  I am so blessed to have him share this dream come true.  Without him, I know that this might not have ever happened.


Amy said…
Beautiful art!! Just found you via Pinterest. How much are your paintings? Is the artist one still available? Amyfamyf at hotmail
Unknown said…
I first found your work on Pintrest, and I am not surprised you have been picked up by a gallery. Your work is stunning and you inspired me to pick up my pencils, watercolours and paints again. Thanks! Wishing you all the success you want with your new venture. Cheeeeers!
Aggie said…
Great news! Congrats! And, thanks for the inspiration to keep plugging away.
Thank you Fion, Amy and Aggie. I love receiving your comments. Amy, the original artist drawing sold a long time ago. I am working on a new one so keep stopping buy.

Prints of Artist are available on my Etsy shop and I am going to offer larger prints soon.
genie holt said…
Thrilled to see your gallery representation. I thought the name of the gallery owner sounded familiar and then figured out I took an Inktense class with her (I think it was last summer). Seems like a small world after all. Your work is lovely and I love following your blog - from another art teacher.

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