Fairy Tale
15.5" x 17" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

This piece is one that I've absolutely loved creating.  I am a HUGE fairy tale fan and have especially loved stories by Hans Christian Anderson.  When I found this page in a big, unabridged dictionary I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I decided to include images from some of my favorite fairy tales.  I have Cinderella's shoe, Rapunzel's Hair, a Magic Lamp, Snow White's apple, The Frog Prince, Magic Beans and a mechanical Nightingale.  I also included a mirror (not on the wall) but this one let me add the face of a queen, wolves, wings and a castle on the top.  That way I could work in more fairy tale elements.

I think my all time favorite fairy tale is The Nightingale.  I have always loved the mix of the real bird versus the real bird and what that symbolized.

Lots of challenges in this piece but it was still great fun to create.  I am excited to show it off when my booth opens to the public next week.  I even had a local printer build me a T-shirt with this design on it to wear during the art show.


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