12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Digitized Parchment

I have used the phrase "Make the Magic Happen" in my classroom since I started teaching 15 + years ago.  I have always felt that creating artwork is magic.  As a child I remember marveling at how a few marks on a flat piece of paper could suddenly BE SOMETHING that didn't exist before.

As I prepare for a series of big art shows across the country, I am building a lot of work that I think will have appeal to potential buyers.  I am repeating popular subjects that patrons have purchased in the past and I am always researching popular trends to guide my choices.  But now and then I do a piece just to please me - this is that type of piece.

I've thought about doing a magic themed piece for a long time.  After I settled on my images and sketched them in I discovered that I had a page full of white objects.  The challenge for me was to create some color impact and jazz up what might otherwise be a pretty bland piece.  It was fun to find ways to give this piece some interesting color schemes.  I also decided to pump up the use of red - what I think of when I think of a magician's cape.

I keep this magic wand on my desk in my high school classroom. I don't know where it came from but it's been on my desk from the very first day.  From time to time I wave it over a student's work and try to conjure up some inspiration or improvement.  It was fun to finally use it on a drawing.


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