6.5" x 9.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Collegiate Edition of Dictionary

We just returned and unpacked from my Epic trip to New England.  My husband and I set up for two different art shows and then spent a fabulous week in NYC.  We had lots of special adventures I hope to share in the coming days.

During our 4th of July art show in Great Barrington, MA I had the joy of being visited by a fan and fellow art teacher.  It is always amazing to have someone appreciate what you create and take the time to travel to visit with you in person.

I am thrilled that this drawing now belongs to someone who is also a public school art teacher.  Read about her visit on her blog - K's blog.

I did a large scale drawing of art supplies long ago and it has been reposted lots of times around the internet.  I made the mistake of posting it once without the watermark and it pains me that this unprotected image without my name has been used over and over again.  I knew I wanted to create another, smaller version and this is the result of that effort.


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