Sea Horse
7" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Children's Dictionary

I have been having fun creating all sorts of new images on dictionary pages.  Getting work ready for two back-to-back art shows required I have lots of inventory.

I've always been fascinated by sea horses.  When I was a child my teacher had sea horses in an aquarium in our classroom.  They were so interesting and odd.  It was fun to draw their little, spiny bodies and try to capture a little personality in their faces.  I also love this square shaped book where I harvested the page.

I attended a real-life, country, nearly one room school near our farm.  Part of the original building still stands - the gymatorium/cafeteria.  My school was called the Unity School in the Unity Community.  It closed after I finished the 6th grade due to its tiny enrollment.  At one point there were only four students first - eighth grade.  We all attended classes together in one room (the school actually had two classrooms and we would travel back and forth from room to room for different subjects.)

The benefit of attending a tiny school was the personal attention, the opportunity for fabulous field trips and our incredible bus driver/cooks meals (parents would show up to eat just for the amazing food).  Our teacher would often rely on older students to tutor younger ones and we would all listen to lectures and lessons from other grades.  I was able to rush through my lessons and spend lots of time drawing.


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