12" x 18" Mixed Media Drawing on Old Parchment

It's worked out very nicely that I love drawing dragonflies and people seem to love to own them.  I've enjoyed creating all sorts of different ones and its been fun to explore how to arrange them on lots of different pages.

I have quite a few new drawings to post so I decided to share two new dragonflies together.

7.24" x 9"

This page came from a nearly square format, children's dictionary I have had a ball creating drawings in this book.  I have much more to post but I also have an art show next weekend in beautiful Colorado to pack for.  I am really excited to end my summer there.


Linda B. said…
These are just stunning! Makes me wish I still lived in the vicinity so I could see some in person. I love the tour of your storage, etc. and stories of your classes. Wish I could have taken a class from you!
See you on Pinterest! Linda Born
Thank you so much, Linda.

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