Rock, Paper, Scissors
7" x 10" Derwent Colored Pencil Drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Paper

My Christmas break is coming to close.  It's included great times with my family, cooking and eating way too much, down time just watching movies and napping, traveling and attending an NBA basketball game and the joys of fighting through Type A and Type B flu.  For just two weeks, its been a wonderful time.

During the break, I closed down my studio and decided to take a break from any commercial artwork.  I did, however, find time to just play in my art studio.  I've had this piece in mind for a long time.  I wanted the challenge of creating the three distinct textures of metal, paper and rock.  I really want to do some more study and I have a number of additional compositions in mind for these subjects.

I've also had lots of people suggest I include lizard and Spock made popular by the TV show "Big Bang Theory."  I may just have to expand and add those elements.

My students are working on colored pencil drawings when we return from break.  I hope to have the chance to play with mine more in the coming weeks.  We then begin working in pastels which is another favorite medium of mine.....well, I actually love them all.


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