Mixed Media Drawing on 6.5" x 9" Antique Dictionary

A customer at a recent art show requested a drawing of a killer whale for her grandchild's nursery.  The baby isn't due until February so she was gracious enough to let me enjoy the holidays and get school underway before I started on her commission.  She generously purchased a drawing for each of her grandchildren but needed this picture to complete her gifts.

This fella was a lot of fun to create.  I respect all the concern over keeping these magnificent creatures in captivity but I have to admit I cried with joy when I got to see them perform at the San Diego Sea World a few years ago.  I noticed then how much personality these monsters seemed to exhibit.

While I researched my drawing I noticed the same facial expressions I first saw at Sea World.  These creatures seem to actually smile.  I thought a smile was the perfect expression to hang on the walls of newborn.


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