8" x 8" Crayola Colored Pencil Drawing on Cardstock

I discovered on Pinterest collections of odd, unusual definitions for wonderful words.  I've pinned a ton of them thinking I might somehow use them with my dictionary drawings.  Many of them of ancient words or from different languages.  Most of the ones I've pinned are positive, uplifting words that beautifully describe feelings and experiences.

This week I stumbled on a book by a bright 20 something young woman who seems to live a really exciting life around the globe.  She had illustrated some of these odd words and published them in a now popular book called "Lost in Translation."

There it was - that's what I decided I wanted to do with my board of obscure words.  Of course I didn't want to copy her lovely work but I did want to capture the words in some sort of clever way.

So this week, while my students and I settled into our spring semester of classes after a fabulous Christmas break, I decided to doodle and play.  This is the result.  I actually considered having flying pieces of chocolate cake and over packed suitcases circling my head but decided that most pleasures for me generate out of being creative.  I hope to give my students an assignment for a similar drawing. 


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