It's a big week ahead.  This is the first show of my spring and summer circuit.  School is still in session so I am having to leave my classroom in the hands of a great substitute (she really is wonderful) and head out for a week long show.

We open at 7:30 am the first day so festival patrons get first pick of artist's work.  Then we close each evening at 9:00.  It is the most grueling art show I participate in but it is probably the best.  The Oklahoma City Art Council hosts this show and they treat their artists like royalty.  They pamper us with food and drinks and even a couple of meals.  The festival has amazing music and entertainment set up on multiple stages and the food - oh my word - the food is spectacular.  The food on sale at this festival isn't your typical carnival corn dog.  Top ranked restaurants set up elegant tents with all sorts of amazing meals and treats.

Because this is such a beautiful festival people flock through it all day long.  Last year was my first year to participate and I was amazed that we had big crowds all day long.  I was also amazed that I had my first sell out.  By the weekend I only had prints to hang on my booth display walls.

I have 55 new pieces framed and ready to load in my car plus buckets of prints in various sizes.  So off I go, my friends.  If you live close by, please drop by.  I'd love to meet you.


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