Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

I have received a terrific response to my little 5 inch dictionary page drawing of an antique letter so I knew I had to try a larger scale piece when I found this awesome page.  This dictionary page has all sorts of wonderful letter references and definitions.  I have loved creating drawings on this amazing pages with all their great text.  Letter Perfect, Letter Press....it's all on this terrific page.

I once again used my parent's love letters and some old family letters my mother had saved from relatives.  My mother was an avid letter writer.  Near the end of her life she lost her eyesight but she continued to write letters to friends and family.  She ultimately chose to only type her letters on a typewriter since she knew the keys so well she didn't have to rely on her sight to script what she wanted to say.

There is something so special about writing and handwritten letter.


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