7" x 10" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

Is it Whisky or Whiskey?  I'm not sure and even this old, dictionary page lists both as correct.  I have to admit that I'm not a fan of this drink but I can't argue with how beautiful it looks in a glass or a fancy decanter.  I also think there is something nostalgic about this concoction.  There isn't a western film out there that doesn't involve a dusty cowboy strolling up to a bar and ordering a shot of whiskey.

Regardless of its appeal, I thought a whiskey page would be a good companion with my bar series.  I know there are lots of whiskey lovers out there so I hope someone will want to take this drawing home.  I really enjoyed exploring all the colors I could use in this piece.  The liquid permitted me to add rich reds, oranges, yellows and deep burgundy.


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