9" x 12" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

I've had this drawing started in my studio for months.  I kept looking at it to finish and then tucked it away for later.  This morning I decided to drag it out and play with it.  This is the result.

This is a wonderful page from a great old book.  The whole left-hand column of definitions refers to wine.  I love finding a perfect page for a subject.

As I've gone along, I have discovered better ways to draw on these fragile, old books.  This page was extremely thin and I actually had to do some repairs to the page.  I've discovered a great system of using scraps of old parchment and acid free glues used by scrapbookers to patch a page from behind.  I will tell an interested customer about the patch work but they rarely can find my repairs.  I think it further rescues this page and gives it new life after a little surgery.

Here is a photo of my models and my studio this morning as I worked away on this new drawing.


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