My booth at the Paseo

The OKC Festival of the Arts just concluded and it was a bit exciting.  The three day festival took place over Memorial Day during some pretty ferocious weather.  Like much of the Southwest, Oklahoma City has experienced record rainfall resulting in flooding.  During the show we had three days of rain and one day the weather was so severe (including nearby tornadoes) we were shut down early.  

Loading in and loading out booths is always challenging.  Due to the high winds and rain a lot of people broke down their booth and left early.  We road it out until the end but had to do a lot of our break down in bad weather.  I am still drying out my tent and display curtains.

My wonderful girls

What I love most about this personal, community sponsored art show is that it happens at a time of year and location where my family can visit.  My three daughters and their children all spent time with me.  My husband and my grandson ran the booth a few hours so we could play together.

One corner of the Theater

Located in the Spanish mission style Paseo is a performing arts group called Theatre Upon A Star Dance Swan.  The group has been housed in the Paseo as long I as I can remember - maybe 30 years.  It's a magical, strange place that hosts fairy making and storytelling.  It's always the highlight of the Paseo especially for my girls.

My daughter Lindsay and granddaughter Lily meet the theater hostess

The theater sets up piles of bowls filled with paper dolls, birds, feathers, and fabric scraps and embellishments then invites you to make your own fairy.  After you have finished you get to meet the fairy hostess and she helps you tell your fairy's story.


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