32" x 12" Dimensional Watercolor

I haven't created an original watercolor painting as a baby gift in a long time.  My niece recently had a new baby - another miracle baby - and this is her gift.

Her nursery colors are gray and yellow with little elephants.  I've loved doing cartoon characters since I was a little girl so it's always great fun to do something a little different and silly.  

I painted the background and then made the stars, birds, banner and elephants individually.  I cut all that out and attach it to the background using foam adhesive dots popular with scrapbook artists.  This process really started years ago when I made a mistake on a watercolor painting.  In desperation I built some pieces and glued them over a mistake.  I liked the outcome so much that I've done it ever since even without a mistake to hide.  

I can honestly say - I don't want to ever attempt to paint chevron pattern ever again.  I love patterns but this was not fun to do.  It was also a challenge to create a nice gray in watercolors.  Black is so concentrated that it's difficult to maintain an even gray.


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