I don't often display my artwork in my hometown.  This past weekend, my three daughters and I set up an art booth during a local craft bazaar.  The bazaar raises money for medical expenses for area families which this year included a popular high school student who is battling an aggressive form of cancer.

We had a wonderful day of visiting with friends and family and made a lot of sales.  My daughters brought jewelry and some darling, miniature pies baked in tiny jars.  I thought our booth display looked awesome.  

At most art shows, I am restricted to only have artwork for sale.  Some shows permit print sales while others only permit originals to be displays and sold.  For this show I was able to reproduce some of my artwork on other gift items.  It was great fun to create a little shop.

One of the new things I built for this show were the wooden wings I hung on the front of the booth.  I saw wings like this at other craft shows and knew I wanted some of my own.  I purchased the metal face during a trip to see my sister in California.  I hope to create a copy of my flying shoes logo to use at art shows next spring.

This was my last art show until next spring.  My Etsy shop is getting a lot of holiday orders which has me busy.  My biggest creative project for now is directing "Man of LaMancha" at our community theater.  So watch for stories about that adventure.


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