Each fall I create an original, stippled ink drawing while my students are also working in ink.  AFter it is finished, I then scan and print the drawing on adhesive labels as personalized bookplates for friends, coworkers and family.  

This year I knew I wanted something that included the glass marbles I picked up during my summer art shows.  I also fell in love with the old compass we used as a prop in our high school, one-act play "Terra Nova."

So I am putting all these things together to work on something themed around "Cosmology."  I've got some reproductions of ancient maps and am going to include some engravings of notable astronomers and cosmologists.

So here we go with one dot after another for this year's drawing.  I love working on this project.  Each year I like to give myself a new challenge with this drawing.  I think capturing the distorted images through the crystal, glass ball will be exciting.


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