Garlic on Red

This is number fourteen in my series of fifteen food, still life pastels.  I have been wanting to do a piece that was predominately white and push myself to find as much color as I could in the reflected light and shadows.  I preach to my students to save white for the hot spots/the highlights of their work regardless of the actual or local color.  When working with a white subject, the fun is playing with the colored light reflected at the object from its environment.

I had a hard time keeping enough garlic around to study while I worked.  Lately I seem to add garlic to nearly every recipe I cook.

This is a small 8" x 8" pastel on Canson Mi-Teintes paper

I only have one 10.25" x 14" panel paper left to complete my OHMS show.  The problem isn't coming up with what to do but to narrow it down to one, final subject.


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