Michael and I succeeded in hanging my fifteen, food pieces at OHMS this past weekend.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal with old friends on Friday night then hung the show early Saturday morning.

Hanging my work proved to be challenging.  The owner, Mary Fuller met us and explained the system of chains suspended from pipes around the walls of the restaurant and provided me with wire and 'S' hooks to attach my work.    Unfortunately, this system wasn't too secure and my frames bowed out from the walls or slipped around on the tiny 'S' hooks.  There were only a few existing nails available and I understood that this system helped reduce lots of holes in her walls but I wasn't prepared for the trial of making it work for my small, glassed frames.

My work will be featured at OHMS for six weeks.  I haven't heard anything back from Mary since we left Saturday and I am really curious to know if there is any positive reaction to the little show.


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