Visiting Rainbow Gate in Santa Fe

Since I began this blog, I have focused on posting only my artwork but over the past few years I have enjoyed a variety of artist's blogs that include images and information about their discoveries, travels and personal life.  So I have decided to branch out and include those same things.  I hope my family and followers will enjoy this, too and tolerate some of my vacation photos and stories.

For years I have admired a little window in the historic La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe that promotes Rainbow Gate.  So during our recent trip Michael and I found the pottery studio and shop.  It was great fun visiting with some of the local artists and watching them hand paint stunningly beautiful pieces.  I bought a small, red bowl hand painted with two dragonflies.

There were three artists working the day we stopped by.  They paint carved foam stencils with glaze, stamp the designs on the already glazed green ware and then hand paint additional details making each piece in a series and original work.

To see more of Rainbow Gates beautiful pottery visit their website at


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