Stefanie Almedia, Senior Guymon High School
Silverware (Fork) Sculpture
"The Way I See It"

Very excited for my senior student, Stefania Almeida, who won one of only eight merit awards at the 22nd Annual Area High School Exhibit in Liberal, Kansas.

Stefanie is an extremely talented young lady and she excels with every type of art she attempts.  She is a highly skilled pastel artist and draws beautifully regardless of the medium.  At the beginning of the year I challenged my Advanced Placement students to create a series of pieces all based on silverware.  Stefanie decided to build a sculpture as a resource for a charcoal drawing.  The drawing was fabulous and the sculpture was really cool.
"In My Dreams"
Charcoal Drawing by Stefanie Almeida

In preparation for the Kansas competition, she decided to rebuild her fork sculpture and enter it along with her original charcoal drawing.  We just learned this morning that the sculpture was selected by the judges as one of the show's top pieces.

It makes my world to have such a terrific student.  Our next goal is to get her some art scholarship money for college.


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