My lovely daughter, Lindsay in our craft show booth

My daughters and I just wrapped up our annual participation in a local arts and crafts show.  Fortunately this event is held at my high school so setup is simple and no travel expenses are involved.

All three of my girls contributed to this year's booth.  The hit of the day were simple, jersey scarves made from repurposed T-shirts we purchased at our local thrift store.  The girls created fringed and curled scarves that flew out of the booth.  The curled version was so popular that we had to set up a sweatshop in my husband's nearby classroom to manufacture more during the day.

You can see some of my artwork was on display, too. 

The girls made some extra money but most of all, it was a great experience preparing and enjoying the day together.  I am really blessed that my daughters love the arts as much as I do.  It's a joy to share creating and projecting with my family.


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