"Pieces of Lisa"
Torn Magazine Paper on Foam Board
16" x 24"

Each year I teach a unit on making torn paper collage with my craft students.  My craft classes generally consist of seniors who need one more elective or art credit but who don't want to take a traditional drawing or painting class.  This unit involves creating a full color image by tearing and glueing paper from a magazine.  This project requires my students to "harvest" colored paper that best replicates the same colors as a resource image they select.

I have made a number of these projects over the years.  I've even created a torn paper collage on a lifesized, ceramic pig for the National Pork Council office.  Sadly, I don't have a photo of that giant hog anymore.  It was quite the beast to have standing in my classroom for weeks as I glued and varnished it's hide.

This year I am working away on a tiger face to demonstrate the process for my students.  It's a little like paint by number except no paint - just paper.  My favorite magazine to use for these projects are O Magazines published by Oprah Winfrey.  I have gathered up piles of these magazines for my personal use because they have excellent colors and heavy, quality papers.  
Here is a close up of the piece.  I especially enjoy the ripped edge created by tearing each little piece of paper.  The pieces are then layered much like a mosaic without any gaps between them.

I hope to finish the Tiger this year and perhaps donate it to our high school.  Tigers are our mascot and my students and I have created a number of tiger pieces which hang in our hallways.  I actually have drawers of these demo pieces and have thrown some away after we finish the unit.


Anonymous said…
I just saw the Mona Lisa at the Louve and she is stunning.

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