Artist Trading Cards
2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Just finished a series of three Artist Trading Cards and decided these vintage beauties deserved to live in a frame.  I collect vintage images and wanted to use them in some multi-layered collages.  I've used colored inks, markers, oil pastels and stamps.  I've included a red butterfly in each piece and used some vintage papers from a old French journal I found at an auction.  (Funny how anything written in French just sounds romantic.) 

The actual colors of the piece are vivid and weren't captured well by the scan but I still wanted to post what I had.  I also matted each piece and added color to the beveled, interior cut of the mat which repeated some of the key colors in the card.

Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) are supposed to be given away and never sold but lately there has been a movement of selling cards so patrons can enjoy them without having to manufacture cards for trade.  These cards are called Art Cards, Editions & Originals or ACEO.  Since these girls are framed up and ready to display I plan to add them to my work being sold at this weekend's Miniature Show at our local gallery.


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