Every spring I give my senior Advanced Placement students the opportunity to create a large scale work of art featuring our high school mascot, a Bengal Tiger. Over the years I have had about a dozen students create a giant acrylic painting which hangs in the large space at the front doors or the high school.

I purchased rolls of gessoed canvas which we stretch over specially made, wooden frames.

2012 Senior, Heather Scott is putting on the
finishing touches of her impressive, but smaller
acrylic painting featuring only tiger eyes.  Her painting
was approximately 5' x 12".

2012 Senior, Veronica Jimenez finishing up her
"Paint by Number Tiger" before presenting it to
the principal for part of the art departments
permanent collection of tiger mascot paintings. 
Her painting was measured 6' x 10'.  I didn't realize
that I had also captured another senior "lounging" by her. 
I think that exemplifies some of Veronica's fellow classmates.


Julia Kelly said…
Very cool! Looks like a fun project!
Unknown said…
Do you create the mural for them to paint? How long does this usually take a student?
Jennifer D said…
How did you get a paint by number on such a large canvas??? I'm looking to do another mural in our school as well but would like the kids to do all the work.
Thank you folks.

My students decide what they want tiger image they want to paint and then the school administration has to approve. I require them to do a small scale version before they create a large scale piece. The time varies from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size and difficulty of the image.

Jennifer -
The paint by number look was created by first digitizing the image to flatten the colors. We wanted to have only 6 - 8 colors in the photograph. Then the student and I created an outline of those colors and assigned a fake color number to them much like a commercial paint by number set. The student then painted the piece normally but then painted only the outlines of those colors and painted fake numbers in those sections so the painting looked like a unfinished paint by number.

It is funny how many people including our principal ask me why she didn't finish the painting. The answer is - it was created to look like a paint by number - it isn't actually a paint by number.

I love it. Thank you all for stopping by.


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