5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on a Distressed, Dictionary Page

My little art studio is filled with stacks of distressed book pages and supplies are scattered everywhere.  The joy of preparing for an art show is that I have an excuse to ignore the dishes, lock myself away for hours doing nothing but art and I end up with a nice inventory of work that follows some sort of theme or style.


The backside of preparing for an art show is that the kitchen disappears under stacks of dishes, I start to miss hanging out with my family (especially my grandchildren) and I get to a point where I can't wait to create something just for fun or at least a little different from what I am doing.


I have a number of favorite flowers I'd like to reproduce for the show.  I think there are buyers out there that admire and enjoy floral art.  I do.  I've already got some sunflowers framed and plans to do poppies, geraniums and some plants like wheat and sorghum.  Time is ticking with only a week to go before the Sunflower Festival opens.


Anonymous said…
Just recently discovered your work! Wonderful art and love to read you blog. I wish you had a button on your blog so that I could get new posts right in my email box.

Also what brand of pastels do you use. I am just now reading your blog so maybe you tell there. . .but just in case. . .


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