6" x 7.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionay Page
Original SOLD - Prints Available

Vintage Suitcases are quite the rage for decorating these days and I own a few myself.  I store old photos or keepsakes in some  and I keep a lot of my watercolor supplies in a bright red, old fellow given to me by a former student.  I only have prints of this piece available now.  An fabulous, artist friend bought this framed original at the Sunflower Festival a few weeks ago.  I still thought it deserved to be launch into the web-o-sphere.

Tagging along with my digital postings from now on will be a faint watermark design.  It doesn't appear on the originals or prints but it is now going to appear on all of my digital work on my blog, my etsy store, pinterest postings and wherever else digital artwork is found.  I've discovered I have a lot of fans out there and some sneaky souls have been printing their own personal copies of my work.  (Isn't that flattering?)  So look for it kinda like a little "Where's Waldo?"

I think it's a sign that I've moved into the big leagues, folks.  The advantages of sending my work out into the digital universe far outway any theft of my work. So now comes the time consuming task of editing previous posts with the new watermark but with each edit I think - "Wow, somebody out there really loves me!"


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