5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page
Original SOLD - Prints Available

This drawing is the third bird I've drawn on a page from a dictionary.  Although very common, I've always enjoyed sparrows.  I have a small bird feeder set just outside our living room window and sparrows are the usual guests.  They enjoy hopping from branch to branch in the red wood tree next to the window and occasionally quarreling over who gets to perch on the feeder.  My cat and I love watching the show.

Birds have been fun to draw and I've featured them in lots of artwork starting with last winter's, inked bookplate.  I especially enjoy trying to give my birds a little expression without turning them into Disney characters.
My 2011 Bookplate Drawing

The only original bird series, dictionary drawing still available is the crow.  The sparrow and the owl are available only as prints.


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