5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Here is the third in my "transportation" series of dictionary drawings.  I think most folks would agree that there are a lot of memories attached to an old, red wagon.  I myself once owned one of these or I believe it was handed down to me on the farm from my older siblings.

I spent the evening cutting and mounting prints on mat board inside protective sleeves in hopes that someone might purchase a few this weekend.  I am at that stage in preparing for the show that I start doubting the wisdom of investing so much time and money in building a big inventory.  This little show rarely has much traffic, there are high winds forecast for our prairie town (high winds are gail force here) and my Etsy store has not just slowed to a crawl regarding sales - it is on life support.  I've used Etsy and Pinterest as gauges for how popular different drawings might be.....I'm discouraged that I'm no longer the prom queen of the art world.

Okay - that being said, today is a full day of playing with two of my grandchildren and ignoring my studio.  There isn't anything better in my world than a day of play with my buddies.  Tomorrow I'll dive back in to the studio. 


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