My evening is going to be interesting.  I am meeting with a local family to take resource photos for a large-scale, family portrait.  I've done portraits since I was a little girl but it is always an adventure to create any kind of commissioned piece - I often find the whole experience stressful.

I am about to begin a lengthy pastel unit with my second year students so I will work on my portrait piece in the the classroom as part of a unit demonstration.  Due to the popularity of my dictionary drawings, I haven't created anything with pastels in a long, long time.  It really is one of my favorite mediums to work with.  I have always enjoyed jumping around from one medium to another which means lots of different materials are going to be strung out in my classroom and studio for the next few weeks.

I have two of these large commissions which were purchased as Christmas gifts.  Come back and visit me and see how they are progressing.  Also - I should hear if I'm accepted into the big Oklahoma City art show sometime early next week.  My studio may get really busy, really fast!


Pat Dolan said…
I look forward to seeing your progress on the commission. It IS stressful to do commissions - especially portraits. People often see themselves quite differently than an artist might... May all go well and smoothly - may any perceived mistakes contribute to the over-all exitement of the finished piece.
Gypsy Chaos said…
I *think* I found your blog through a Pinterest pin... whatever. I LOVE the work I've seen so far. Your description of your classroom as you transition between projects is excellent - you've made me want to be your student.

I just had to pin the photo of pastels and glasses you used in this post - what a novel idea, what a great result!

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