I love Etsy!  I am thrilled to be sending prints and taking commission from all over the country and now I've gone international.

When I first discovered Etsy I thought it was too vast and cumbersome for anyone to ever find little, ol' me.  Since I've launched prints of my dictionary drawings I have enjoyed great sales.  Now I'm not a powerhouse shop like many on Etsy and I'm no where close to quitting my teaching job (which I love) to be a full time, studio artist - BUT - the attention my drawings have gotten thru Etsy and Pinterest has really encouraged me.  It's exciting to know that my work is growing in popularity and that some kind folks are interesting in owning my art.

Just today I added Australia to the places my studio now ships to.  I added the United Kingdom a few weeks ago after new customers from those countries requested my work.  Wow!  It's been tremendously fun to correspond with these new contacts from across the globe.

I have spent a lot of time developing creative packaging to protect and ship my prints.  I am happy to hear back from customers that they have noticed and appreciate the little touches I add to their purchases.  The girls at my local post office have even become big fans and have noticed that I'm at their counter more and more and sending work to all sorts of new addresses.

I am currently waiting to hear from a big, Spring, art festival I applied to.  If I get the green light then I plan to buckle down and create a lot of new inventory.


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