6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

The three day, Paseo Art Festival is a week away and my studio is piled high with frames and mats and prints all needing my attention.  I have added 20 new pieces to my inventory in hopes the show is a profitable and I move some work.

To prepare for the show, I have revisited quite a few popular subjects.  I have drawn another dragonfly but this time decided to brighten up the color scheme so all the tiny lines and details will show.  I also added a couple more of the little guys so the focal point won't be all alone.

Today I plan to work away in my studio doing all the hand lettering on these new pieces.  When I scan them, I digitally add the text but I then hand letter the originals using sepia watercolor.


Amber said…
Beautiful illustrations. Dragonflies are so cool. It is always a treat to see more of them during the summer months.

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