6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Our community has a big heart.  When someone is in need there are lots of generous, kind folks who step up to lend a hand.  I think the pioneer spirit that helped settle this remote prairie still exists.

A friend of mine established a craft studio a few years ago and each month she opens up her studio for anyone who wants to come use her equipment and purchase hard to find crafting supplies.  She is incredibly generous and has gifted my art program with a wonderful printer and other craft supplies.  When a member of our community and fellow crafter was diagnosed with cancer, my friend jumped into action planning a community -wide fundraiser to help with medical expenses.

I decided to donate a drawing for the fundraiser.  This scrapbook drawing is that donation.  The subjects are simple scrapbook tools I'm familiar with on a page with the definition of scrapbook.  I hope it helps support someone who needs it.


guin saunders said…
Love the way the colours come out against the text and colour of the page.
Kathy G. said…
This is great. You've totally captured the scrapbooker. All the best of wishes.

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