6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Thanks to the school year starting and the flu bug running through me and my entire family, it's been difficult to focus and make time to draw.

My classroom is starting to settle in and I've put lots of energy into getting the chaos there better organized and cleaned up.  I am void of the gene for organization and I avoid cleaning at all costs....then the piles and turmoil starts to take over and I am forced to deal with it.

This commission was actual born during my Thanksgiving show in New Mexico.  I frequently have people ask if I have any dog drawings.  The truth is I don't because I can never decide which breed to draw.  I am rather partial to mutts and mixed breeds but every dog owner has a preference plus they often have a strong relationship and attachment to their pet.  This customer wanted to capture their actual sheepdog and a few weeks ago sent me some photos and requested I create this drawing.

I love the expressive face and pose of this particular photo.  What a wonderful animal.  I sent a pic to the customer this morning and hope she finds it expresses how she feels about her sheepdog.


Gaby Bee said…
This is absolutely amazing! Love it!

Gaby xo

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