Rose Mixed Media Drawing on Dictionary Page
6" x 9"
Webster's New Student Dictionary - Teacher's Annotated Edition 1964

Early in this series of dictionary drawings, I created a few flowers.  I got the urge to go back and capture a few new floral drawings on some of the new editions I just collected.

This is a great page filled with Rose definitions.  My husband suggested that I start to include the name of the dictionary where I harvested the page.  This page came from a teacher's edition of the Webster's New Student Dictionary.  The book was published in 1964.  I love to repeat my favorite subjects and with so many pages of the same image I think it will help me catalog my work by using the name of the book is drawn from.


Anonymous said…
I have just spent 2 or maybe 3 hours admiring your work. It's been a real pleasure .. thank you.

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