Vans are popular sneakers (I know sneakers aren't the term anymore but that's what I still call them).  The company hosted a national design competition and here is what my students came up with. 

We were sent four pairs of these expensive shoes and instructed to create original designs on each of the four pairs of shoes.  The contest required that shoes be designed in four different themes, local flavor, sports (board-type sports - not team sports) music and art.  I was proud of our designs and totally blown away by the top finalists.  To see the national finalists (hold on to your hat - these are amazing!) visit their website -  Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest

I required me second, third and fourth year students to make designs on shoe templates we were provided.  My classes then voted for their favorites.  Those students then painted their shoes and we submitted their designs to the company.  One of my students had two designs selected so he asked a friend to help him paint the second pair.

Arhameni's Local Flavor Design

Arhameni's Sports Design

Angel's Music Design

Carli's Art Design
These shoes were my favorite.  They were designed to honor the street artist, Shephard Fairey.  We tried to make contact with Fairey to get his blessing on using his images but could never get through.  I would love to own and wear these.  The students who created the shoes now own them.


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