1960's TIME

1960's Time
Vintage Alarm Clocks Drawn on Distressed, Dictionary Page

I remember when this type of clock was all the rage.  I had one very similar on my night stand most of my life until digital read outs and clocks with built in radios and eventually C.D. players were invented.  Now I hardly use a clock and depend mostly on the alarm on my smart phone.  I found this trio at vintage furniture store and knew they belonged on a dictionary page.

I've been spending long, long, LONG hours in my studio the past five days.  I leave in a week for two art shows back to back starting in Grand Haven, MI and then on to The Berkshires.  I am really excited about traveling to that part of the country but I'm pushing to build enough inventory to do two shows on the road.  I have thirteen pieces in frames and another 40 in various stages of development.

I'm off to treat myself to an evening of junky T.V. shows and to put my feet up.


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